Auto unscrewing plastic injection mould with PPSU material high temperature mold

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Suntime mould has years’ experience of mold making for auto-unscrewing mold and high temperature tools. The mold temperature could reach to 160~180 degree. High precision mould with tolerance less than +/-0.02mm. These two projects are Multi cavity molds too (4 cavity).


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Product Introduction

The high temperature auto unscrewing project has mold temperature of 160 degree and resin temperature of 380 degree. This 4 cavity mold has cycle time of 39 seconds, and very smooth unscrewing movement. Part is high tolerance with less than +/-0.02mm. Parts are used in deep sea water system devices.


Appliance and Type Water system products auto unscrewing 4 cavity mould, PPSU material, high temperature mold
Resin PPSU
No. of cavity 1*4
Mould Base LKM S50C
Steel of cavity&Core H-13 HRC48-50 /H-13 HRC48-50
Tool weight 430KG
Tool size 493X454X440
Press Ton 120T
Mold life 800000
Injection system Cold runner mould
Cooling system 160 ℃
Ejection System unscrewing by motor and gear wheel
Special points mold temperature 160 ℃,material temperature 380℃。
Difficulties unscrewing very smooth, cycle time 39'S,tolerance +/-0.02mm.
Lead time 5 weeks
Package Anti-rust Paper and film, little anti-rust oil and plywood box
Packing items Certification of steel, final 2D & 3D tool design, hot runner document, spare parts and electrodes…
Shrinkage 1.007
Surface finish B-2
Trade terms FOB Shenzhen
Export to Australia


We have made many tools for this customer. Our designers work very effective, for DFM, it can be finished within 1~2 days, 2D layout within 2~4 days, and 3D within 3~5 days depending on mold complexity. When time is very urgent, we normally make 3D drawing directly after DFM, but of course, it must be based on customers' approval.


Design feedback


3D mold design


3D mold design


3D mold design

Mold details

The injection mould tool is auto-unscrewing by motor and gear wheel. There are many insulation plates in mould four sides as the mold temperature is very high. This 4 cavity mold has moulding cycle time 39 seconds and the part tolerance is less than +/-0.02mm.


Mold packing Video


1. How is the mold temperature for this PPSU mold?
The mold temperature is 160~180 degree.

2.How about the tolerance for parts made in Suntime Precision Mould?
Mold: +_0.01mm, Plastic Part: +_0.02mm and Machining product: +_0.005mm.

3. What production material you usually use?
For plastic injection molding, resin includes PPSU, PEEK, ABS, PC, PC+ABS, PMMA, PP, HIPS, PE(HDPE,MDPE,LDPE). PA12, PA66, PA66+Glass fiber,TPE,TPR,TPU, PPSU, LCP, POM, PVDF, PET, PBT… And for die casting, the aluminum material is A380,A356,6061.

4. What is your design lead time?
"DFM: Normally Within 2 working day.
2D mold layout: Normally Within 3-4 working day.
3D mold drawing: Normally Within 4-5 working day."

5. What regions is Suntime located?
Our factory is located in Chang An town of Dong Guan City in south of China, which is initial mold manufacturing place. 10 minutes to Shen Zhen. 30 minutes to Shen Zhen airport.

6. How’s your Communication skill?
"a). Rich experienced sales and engineers follow project and communicate in skilled English.
b). 24/7 style service.   One to one project management.
c). Come to visit anytime and Suntime team visit customers yearly.   
d). weekly report every Monday. (2 reports a week if needed).  
e). Any emails reply within 24 hours, you can call us anytime, even in middle night. "

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