Plastic tooling family mould automotive mould of car lighting lens

Plastic tooling family mould automotive mould of car lighting lens

Short Description:

This is plastic injection tooling and molding project for automotive tail lights. Car lighting plastic lens and plastic housing parts. Fast lead time and beautiful quality. Suntime Precision Mould has around 40% business for Automotive industry for many famous car brands. Besides of Automotive lighting parts, Suntime Mould also have much experience for Automotive interior plastic parts.


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Product Introduction

These products are the very nice. Suntime Precision Mould spent 4.5 weeks for manufacturing. It is for car tail lighting with surface A1 polishing. The main difficulty is tooth profile and how to control the warpage. The tooling process includes CNC machining, wire-cutting, EDM, grinding, drilling and polishing, etc,. We provided service for the famous car brand such as Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volvo, Toyota, Honda and so on.

Project information

Appliance and Type Automotive lighting lens from plastic injection family mould
Part name Housing and Lens (Automotive lighting)
Resin PC/ ABS and PMMA
No. of cavity 1+1 cavity family mould
Mould Base LKM S50C
Steel of cavity&Core P20
Tool weight 950kg
Tool size 600X450X450
Press Ton 160T
Mold life 500000 shots
Injection system Cold runner mould Edge gate
Cooling system 110 ℃
Ejection System Strpper plates, ejector pins
Special points Products are for automotive lighting lens and housing, surface is A1 polishing.
Difficulties tooth profile takes difficulties for machining and polishing. Need to control well for warpage.
Lead time 4.5 weeks
Package Stored in Suntime factory for production
Packing items /
Shrinkage 1.005
Surface finish A-1
Trade terms Exwork
Export to UK

More details

Suntime precision mould has more than 40% business for automotive parts, from single cavity simple automotive interior part to automotive tail lighting parts. We are ISO 9001 certificated. We have good quality control no matter in mold making or in plastic injection molding.




2D layout


3D mold design

ed (1)

DFM Analysis

ed (2)

Mold flow


1. Does Suntime Precision Mould has ISO9001?
Yes, Suntime Precision Mould is ISO9001:2015 certificated.

2. How long do you make moulds quotation? What information do you need to provide for a quotation?
Normally, we quote within 24 hours (not include holidays and weekends). But for urgent projects, we can make it within 4~8 hours. If there are too many parts, we will need more time, but won't be longer than 48 hours. For files of quoting, We need 2D or 3D part drawings and specification such as cavity number, steel request, material ect,. Sometimes, samples are also ok to quote. If you don't have drawings or available samples, please send us the photos with dimensions and showing structure.

3. What famous Automotive brands you have made products for ?
We have make tooling and parts for brands for Bentley, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volvo, Toyota, Honda and so on.

4. How can you show the manufacturing process to your customers?
Our engineers will communicate with customers directly and send weekly report every Monday with the time schedule and photos. If customers requires more information, we can provide photos, video or having video meeting with them.

5. What about your mold package for shipping?

After double check the mold before delivery, we will prepare a Memory stick with Final 2D&3D drawings, necessary Electrodes, Certification of steel and hard treatment, some replacement spare parts and other things that customers required together with mold.

We will use little protection oil on the mold and vacuum packing or Anti-rust paper depending on customer’s request. The box will be Customized Plywood box.

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