Nylon with 45 glass fiber material plastic injection mold tooling for mining industry

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Suntime Mould has made some copy molds for similar projects. This part uses very expensive Nylon material with high glass fiber, it will be buried underground for more than 3 years for testing. It is a pipe fitting plastic component.


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Product Introduction

Plastic injection molded part. The product weight is around 4.8Kg, Nylon plastic with 45% Glass fiber. This plastic is very special, we used H13 hardened steel and asked for resin supplier help when doing the first mold trial. The wall thickness is not balance, Suntime designers made good mold cooling. There are two big sliders. Parts are expensive, use for wire pipe fitting in mine field.


Appliance and Type Mining Industry  PA6+45GF  Nylon with high glass fiber
Part name 3.3-425-04-03-005-A_B2B_RECEPTACLE_BODY_(MOULDED)(SINGLE-RACK)
Resin RTP 299 X 126459 Red
No. of cavity 1*1
Mould Base LKM S50C
Steel of cavity&Core H-13 HRC48-50 /H-13 HRC50-52
Tool weight 1979KG
Tool size 1544X876X649
Press Ton 800T
Mold life 500000
Injection system Cold runner mould 6PCS edge gate
Cooling system 130 ℃
Ejection System Stripper plate
Special points Part weight is 4.8KG,material is PA6 + 45% GF.
Difficulties The mold steel and cooling are very important. Two big sliders.
Lead time 5.5 weeks
Package Anti-rust Paper and film, little anti-rust oil and plywood box
Packing items Certification of steel, final 2D & 3D tool design, hot runner document, spare parts and electrodes…
Shrinkage 1.003
Surface finish B-2
Trade terms FOB Shenzhen
Export to Australia


Suntime has very effective mold designers. For DFM, it can be finished within 1~2 days, 2D layout within 2~4 days, and 3D within 3~5 days depending on mold complexity. When time is very urgent, we normally make 3D drawing directly after DFM, but of course, it must be based on customers' approval.


DFM Analysis


DFM Analysis


3D mold design


3D mold design

Customer's feedback

Customer say: 'Thank you. The boss from XXX come to see us  today, he said the samples are great. Very happy with service and said thank you to everyone. So, thank you from me Selena. '


Other Nylon with high Glass fiber project reference

Suntime precision mould has rich experience for Nylon with glass fiber material plastic mould from the start of company establishment. We also has made many products for Automotive industry and other industries.



1. What production material you usually use?
"For die casting, the aluminum material is A380.
For plastic injection molding, resin includes PEEK, PPSU,ABS, , PC, PC+ABS, PMMA, PP, HIPS, PE(HDPE,MDPE,LDPE). PA12, PA66, PA66+Glass fiber,TPE,TPR,TPU, PPSU, LCP, POM, PVDF, PET, PBT…"

2. Where are your customers located?
Our molds and parts are mainly for European countries, America and Australia such as Germany, UK, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and so on.

3. What are the shipping terms?
We usually do Exwork and FOB shenzhen. But if customers require DAP, we also can do it.

4.. What kind of logistics/ shipping ways for transportation?
"a). Sea shipment(3~6 weeks)
b). Air shipment (3~10 days)
c). Train shipment (2~3 weeks)
d). Express (Fedex, UPS, TNT, DHL..)"

5. What services and products can you offer?
"Our main business is for plastic injection mold making, die cast mold making, plastic injection molding, die casting (Aluminum), precision machining and rapid prototyping.
We also provide value-added products including silicon parts, metal stamping parts, extrusion parts and stainless machines parts and so on."

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