Value added service for Rapid prototyping, die casting parts, stamping parts, silicon parts and fixtures

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Besides manufacturing in house for plastic mold making, die cast mold making,custom injection molding and CNC machining, we also can help customers to provide products from rapid prototyping, metal stamping, silicon compression, plastic extrusion and also Aluminum fixtures. Our reasonable price and experienced team can help you save much time and cost in outsourcing and suppliers management. We are not only your mold and molding supplier but also your working team in China.


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Die casting service

Aluminum Die casting parts are one of Suntime’s main value added services for customers. We have rich experience in die cast mold making, molding, second machining and surface finish.

For mold design to manufacturing, from die casting molding to secondary machining such as deburring, drilling, tapping, boring and CNC machining, and from surface treatment like bead blasting, anodizing, plating and painting to logistic packing, our quality control and engineering are fully well-experienced.

We are ISO9001 certificated, like our plastic molding service, we have full complete equipments and QC documents including FAI report, IQC, IPQC, FQC and IQC reports and so on to do all inspections.


Rapid prototyping service

When a new project started, rapid prototyping parts are needed for kinds of testings. There are many ways to make prototypes including CNC machining, Vacuum casting, 3D printing and Rapid tooling.

*CNC machining can make metal and plastic parts with any quantity.
*Vacuum Casting is for 5-100 unit plastic parts by using silicon molds
*3D Printing is to print ABS, PA or Steel parts. For plastic, 3D printed parts can’t stand high temperature.
*Rapid tooling is soft mold made by soft steel like S50C and Aluminum. This solution can produce much more parts than Vacuum casting. lead time is shorter than production tooling and price is lower too.

3D printing
Alu anodizing

Metal Stamping and Silicon compression

Metal stamping is a fast and cost-saving solution for high volume parts shaped by metal sheets. The manufacturing process includes blanking, punching, bending and piercing and so on.
There are three types of stamping die including Progressive die which is suitable for high speed operation for large quantity part, Compound die which can make big part by a punch press completes multiple processes such as blanking and punching in one stroke, and Single-process Die which only can do one procedure in one time.

Besides different stampings, Suntime also has much experience in silicon compression manufacturing with good price and fast lead time.

Any queries for stamping parts or silicon parts, please feel free to contact us!


Jigs and fixtures and Other one stop solution

After many years experience in business, Suntime has accumulated many high quality partners who are in different business fields. If you want to save energy for managing different suppliers when doing one project with us, any of your demand for related parts, kindly please feel free to give us your requirements, our big reliable supply chain must can help you!


Customers’ testimonial

They understand the importance of paying attention to details to ensure customer satisfaction. They work closely with us to design molds and dies to achieve affordable quality parts and services from concept to delivery.
Suntime acts as a single source of supply, helping to design our parts for manufacturability, build the best tools, select the right materials, make the parts, and provide any secondary operations required. Choosing Suntime has helped us shorten the product development cycle and get our products to our customers faster.
Suntime is a friendly and responsive partner, a great single source supplier. They are an efficient and experienced manufacturing supplier, not a reseller or trader company. Good attention to details with their project management system and detailed DFM process.

— USA, IL,  Mr. Tom. O

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