Custom Injection molding for plastic products and Aluminum die casting parts

Custom Injection molding for plastic products and Aluminum die casting parts

Short Description:

Suntime Precision Mould is not only a tooling maker but also a injection moulder by providing the complete injection molding solution from initial design, custom mould manufacturing, molding production to assembly and packaging. We have experience for kinds of products such as for Automotive interior parts, Consumer electronics, Medical devices, IoT parts, Telecommunication devices and Household parts, etc,. Besides normal molding products, we are also good at transparent parts, powder metallurgy material parts and high temperature parts with material of PPSU, LCP and PEEK…


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Product Introduction

No matter how small volume you want to produce, we can offer our best service with patience.
Plastic Materials Parts Surface Applications Molding type
PC/ABS SPI A0,A1,A2,A3 (Mirror-like finish) Automotive Single cavity /Multi cavity molding
Polypropylene(pp) SPI B0, B1, B2, B3 Consumer electronics Insert molding
Nylon GF SPI C1, C2, C3 Medical device Over molding
Acrylic (PMMA) SPI D1, D2, D3 Internet of things Unscrewing molding
Paraformaldehyde (POM) CHARMILLS VDI-3400 Telecommunication High temperature molding
Polyethylene (PE) MoldTech texture Building & Constructions Powder metallurgy molding
PPSU/ PEEK /LCP YS texture Household appliances Clear parts molding

Moulding Capabilities

Fully equipped moulding facility and Experienced processing staff,  Suntime Mould has injection moulding machines with clamp force from 90 tonne to 400 tonne.

We are able to do mould trials and plastic injection molding production.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certificated and have complete quality control process.

MOQ from 1pcs



We encourage working with Non-Disclosure Agreements as this helps to protect both parties' interests. All of your products are your investment of time and cost, we must respect it and this is business ethic which is good for our reputation too.

Treat of your moulds

Your tools are safe and cost-effective here in Suntime Mould. As we are also an experienced mould maker, we can provide free service for tooling maintenance and repair.

Even if your production volume is very low, we provide storage for free. If the production volume is high, when injection molding reach to mold life, we also can make a new mould for you for free too.


Quality control and Delivery

Quality is a foundation stone for a company to survive. Our QC people have many years experience. Combining with our inspection equipments such as Hexagon CMM, Projector, Vernier caliper and so on, we have ability to assure the dimension meeting customers’ requirements.

We have complete quality control working flow and related documents, for example, FAI report, CPK report if needed, IQC inspection report, IPQC report, FQC and OQC report and so on, all these documents help us to work more accurately and effectively, and assure parts quality is totally under control and traceable.

Training every week improves QC people’s strong sense of responsibility. In Suntime, there are clear rewards and punishments, which supervises our people to work more carefully and ensures the accuracy of data and quality judgments.

Our fast 24/7 communication by emails, phone calls and video meetings can assist any of your concerns and demand of consultancy


Please get in touch with us and speak to our experienced team, know more about how we can help and support you!


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